The book Imagine What’s Possible is filled with colorful illustrations to help children see images in their mind. These are just a few of the ideas from the book as well as those used by other children. They can be used as is, or to give the child ideas for creating their own images.


The Factory
The Factory was imagined to help increase blood cells. In this image, the child would visualize a factory inside their body, possibly a factory like yo would see in Willie Wonka. Instead of smoke coming out of the chimneys, red cells would come out of one, white cells another and platelets out of the the third.


The Cancer Vacuum
The Cancer Vacuum is an image where a vacuum inside the body sucks up the cancer cells, virtually cleaning the body of the bad cells.



Santa Delivers
In this image, Santa rides his slay through the body and drops off presents. Instead of the boxes being filled with toys, they are filled with blood cells which quickly fill up the body.



Enjoying MRI’s and Other Scans
Getting into those big machines can be very scary, even for adults. Instead of being afraid, this image helps you turn it into an adventure.

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